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    Toronto District School Board
    Toronto District School Board
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    The Toronto District School Board is committed to equity and community engagement, and by providing this tool, we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English.

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    Elementary Summer School 2019

    Elementary summer programs are tailored to increase engagement and build self-confidence in our students. This summer, we are opening schools across the city to offer an engaging curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. These locally driven programs support students to build literacy and numeracy skills through a creative curriculum that can include technology, physical fitness, art, music and drama.

    Registration forms must be submitted to the school in which the student is applying to, not the Continuing Education Department.

    School Registration Forms
    School Address Grades Program Focus Registration Form
    Alexander Stirling Public School

    70 Fawcett Trail

    FI K-8

    STEM, Literacy, Numeracy, Pre-K program (all day)

    Alexander Registration Form

    Brimwood Boulevard Junior Public School

    151 Brimwood Blvd

    FI K-8

    Literacy, Numeracy, French Immerson (dual track French and English) with STEM integration

    Brimwood Registration Form

    Broadlands Public School

    106 Broadlands Blvd

    FI 1-6 EN 1-8

    Science, Literacy, Numeracy; French Immersion (FI)

    Broadlands Registration Form

    Carleton Village Junior and Senior Sports and Wellness Academy

    315 Osler St


    Literacy, Math, Physical Education, Music, Art

    Carleton Village Registration Form

    Claude Watson School for the Arts

    130 Doris Ave


    Literacy,Numeracy Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Digital Arts, Media Literacy

    Claude Watson Registration Form

    Corvette Junior Public School

    30 Corvette Ave

    FI K-8

    Literacy and Numeracy

    Corvette Registration Form

    Deer Park Junior and Senior Public School

    23 Ferndale Ave

    K-8 ENG

    STEAM, Environmental Studies, Wellness

    Deer Park Registration Form

    Driftwood Public School 265 Driftwood Ave K-8 Literacy and Numeracy

    Driftwood Registration Form

    Eastview Public School

    20 Waldock St


    Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology through STEM, Robotics, Arts

    Eastview Registration Form

    Emily Carr Public School

    90 John Tabor Trail


    Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education

    Emily Carr Registration Form

    Faywood Arts-Based Curriculum School

    95 Faywood Blvd


    Literacy and Numeracy through the Arts

    Faywood Registration Form

    Firgrove Public School

    270 Firgrove Crescent


    Literacy, Numeracy, STEM

    Firgrove Registration Form

    Flemington Public School

    10 Flemington Rd


    Literacy, Numeracy with integrated STEM, Sports, Art and Music

    Flemington Registration Form

    Forest Manor Public School

    25 Forest Manor Rd


    Literacy, Numeracy

    Forest Manor Registration Form

    Gateway Public School

    55 Gateway Blvd


    Literacy and Numeracy

    Gateway Registration Form

    George Webster Elementary School

    50 Chapman Ave


    Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, STEM, and The Arts

    George Webster Registration Form

    Glamorgan Junior Public School

    51 Antrim Cres


    Literacy and Numeracy

    Glamorgan Registration Form

    Gracedale Public School

    186 Gracedale Blvd


    Literacy, Numeracy, Robotics, Technology

    Gracedale Registration Form

    H J Alexander Community School

    30 King St



    H J Alexander Registration Form

    Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy

    850 Humberwood Blvd


    Numercy, Literacy, Environmental Studies

    Humberwood Downs Registration Form

    Humewood Community School

    15 Cherrywood Ave


    Literacy, Numeracy, Arts

    Humewood Registration Form

    John D Parker Junior School

    202 Mt Olive Dr


    Numeracy, Eco-Literacy, Technology

    John D Parker Registration Form

    Karen Kain鸿运彩票下载网址@ John English Junior Middle School

    95 Mimico Ave


    Literacy with Intergrated Arts

    Karen Kain鸿运彩票下载网址@ John English Registration Form

    Kensington Community School

    401 College St


    Kinesthetic, Arts based Literacy

    Kensington Registration Form

    Lynnwood Heights Junior Public School

    50 Southlawn Dr


    Math, Technology and Science

    Lynwood Registration Form

    Macklin Public School

    136 Ingleton Blvd


    Literacy, STEM, Social Studies

    Macklin Registration Form

    Mason Road Junior Public School

    78 Mason Rd


    Literacy and Numeracy

    Mason Road Registration Form

    Military Trail Public School

    701 Military Trail


    Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, Coding

    Military Trail Registration Form

    North Kipling Junior Middle School

    2 Rowntree Rd


    Numeracy, Literacy, Technology

    North Kipling Registration Form

    Oakridge Junior Public School

    110 Byng Ave


    STEM, Physical Education, Global Competencies

    Oakridge Registration Form

    Pelmo Park Public School 180 Gary Dr K-8 Literacy and Numeracy

    Pelmo Registration Form

    Queen Victoria Public School

    100 Close Ave


    Literacy, Math, STEM

    Queen Victoria Registration Form

    Rose Avenue Junior Public School

    675 Ontario St



    Rose Avenue Registration Form

    Thomas L Wells Public School

    69 Nightstar Rd


    Literacy, Math, Science, Robotics, Arts

    Thomas L Wells Registration Form

    Thorncliffe Park Public School

    80 Thorncliffe Park Dr


    Literacy, Numeracy

    Thorncliffe Park Registration Form

    Tredway Woodsworth Public School

    112 Sedgemount Dr


    French Immersion, Literacy, Numeracy, STEM

    Tredway Woodsworth Registration Form

    William Burgess Elementary

    100 Torrens Ave


    Focus Literacy and Numeracy

    William Burgess Registration Form

    Yorkwoods Public School

    25 Yorkwoods Gate


    Literacy, Numeracy, Robotics, ESL, Art, Drama

    Yorkwoods Registration Form

    Program Dates:
    July 3-26, 2019

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    To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
    and to acquire the knowledge, skills
    and values they need to become responsible, contributing members of
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