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    Toronto District School Board
    Toronto District School Board
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    Gender-Based Violence Prevention

    We are committed to creating learning environments where people of all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations feel empowered and supported.

    Our Gender-Based Violence Office (GBVP) was established in 2009 and is the first of its kind in Canada. Our GBVP office works to promote healthy relationships and safe environments in our schools. Their core function is to prevent and address gender-based violence, homophobia, sexual harassment, and inappropriate sexual behaviour by students towards other students in schools. They also implement violence prevention activities and plans throughout the Board.

    To know what defines Gender Based Violence please read our policy.

    Professional learning for staff and training for students are conducted through workshops, student leadership, and long-term prevention planning.

    Through the GBVP Office, the TDSB has implemented the Safe & Positive Spaces program in many schools and has made great strides in promoting positive school climates that are safe and accepting.

    Other initiatives include the Envision Conference; , Canada’s only classroom for LGBTQ you鸿运彩票下载网址th.

    Read our Parent Tips for Helping Kids Navigate Healthy Relationships designed for parents/guardians of children ages 3 to 8. A caring adult plays a significant role in helping guide children in ways to develop empathy and pro-social skills that are critical in positive peer relationships.

    Work is guided by our Equity Foundation Statement and we believe that equity of opportunity, and equity of access to our programs, services, and resources are critical to the achievement of our students. Through this statement and the Gender-Based Violence Policy, we are committed to providing each and every student with safe, nurturing, positive and respectful learning environments.

    Please contact鸿运彩票下载网址 if you鸿运彩票下载网址 require additional information about any of the programs and supports we offer.

    If you鸿运彩票下载网址 are looking for a particular resource please contact our staff who would be happy to assist.

    We are committed to maintaining a learning and working environment which actively promotes and supports human rights. Please read our policy and procedures to find out how. If you鸿运彩票下载网址 have any questions about how to use this policy or its subsequent procedures, please contact Denise Crawford, Manager of Human Rights at denise.crawford鸿运彩票下载网址@.

    Gender based violence prevention logo

    Contact Information

    Gender-Based Violence Prevention Office

    725 Bathurst Street, Room B105
    Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R5

    Phone: 416-393-9667
    Fax: 416-393-9668

    If you鸿运彩票下载网址 would like to receive a weekly communication from our office, please send you鸿运彩票下载网址r email address to Javier.davila鸿运彩票下载网址@


    Ilana David
    Gender-Based Violence Prevention Social Worker

    Javier Davila
    Gender-Based Violence Prevention Student Equity Program Advisor

    Avi Magidsohn
    Gender-Based Violence Prevention Social Worker

    j wallace skelton
    Gender-Based Violence Prevention Student Equity Program Advisor

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    Our Mission
    To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
    and to acquire the knowledge, skills
    and values they need to become responsible, contributing members of
    a democratic and sustainable society.
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