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    Toronto District School Board
    Toronto District School Board
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    The electronic translation service on the Toronto District School Board website is hosted by Google Translate, a third party service. The TDSB does not guarantee or warrant the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any translated information.

    The quality of the translation will vary in some of the languages offered by Google. Google Translate is a free service and currently offers translation in over 100 languages, but does not capture all languages or dialects.

    The basic translation goal is to capture the general intention of the original English material. Before you鸿运彩票下载网址 act on translated information, we encourage you鸿运彩票下载网址 to confirm any facts that are important to you鸿运彩票下载网址 or may affect any decisions you鸿运彩票下载网址 make.

    The Toronto District School Board is committed to equity and community engagement, and by providing this tool, we are making our information more accessible to families whose first language is not English.

    Google Translate Frequently Asked Questions

    International Adult Learners

    As a world leader in public education, the Toronto District School Board welcomes international learners from all over the world into our programs every year. Our top priority is enabling our learners to realize and achieve their goals. We are proud to be Canada’s largest school board, offering high quality programs to international learners of all ages.

    two people standing with bicycles

    We offer a wide variety of exciting programs to our learners, whether you鸿运彩票下载网址 want to improve you鸿运彩票下载网址r English language skills through our ESL programs, become an ESL teacher through our TESL program, or need preparation to attend a Canadian college or university, we have the program for you鸿运彩票下载网址.

    We are pleased to inform you鸿运彩票下载网址 that all TDSB adult high schools and learning centres are automatically designated learning institutions (DLI's) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


    Programs for International Adults

    Welcome鸿运彩票下载网址 to the Toronto District School Board. We are proud to offer valuable opportunities for language and academic development, including high school credits, English as a Second Language, vocational certificate programs, teacher training, and Canadian experience co-op programs for international adult learners. Find out more below.

    Adult High Schools

    TDSB's five adult high schools support more than 12,000 learners to find career and post-secondary pathways and meet their academic goals. Our co-op, certificate program, and high school credits are offered through our adult high schools. Find out more about our adult high schools . 

    Post-Secondary Pathway Programs

    Toronto District School Board's Academic Pathway Program is available to adult international students who wish to attend a Canadian college or university but do not meet the English language proficiency or other admission requirements.

    Pathway Programs 2018-2019

    Remedial High School Credit Program for Adult International Students

    Toronto District School Board's Academic Remedial High School Credit Program is available to adult international students who wish to earn high school credits, upgrade existing credits, or meet university/college requirements.

    Application Form

    Co-op Programs


    Experience life in Toronto, finesse you鸿运彩票下载网址r English for the workplace and gain valuable Canadian work experience through our 18 week co-op programs.

    Co-op Programs brochure

    Read our Co-op Programs brochure.


    Adult Certificate Programs for International Learners

    Get career-building skills, and prepare for post-secondary education, with our technical certificate programs. Courses of study include business, technology, hairstyling, personal support worker and child care assistant.

    Adult Certificate Programs brochure

    Read our Adult Certificate Programs brochure.

    Registration and Fees

    Registration for visitors and visa students in Canada

    ESL classes start every Monday of every week. To book you鸿运彩票下载网址r appointment for assessment and registration, call 416-393-0528. There is a $60 assessment fee to determine you鸿运彩票下载网址r English proficiency level and to help us place you鸿运彩票下载网址 in the class that suits you鸿运彩票下载网址 best.

    Registration for international learners outside of Canada

    Visitors to Canada who want to register for programs that are six months or less must:

    1. Obtain a visitor’s visa from you鸿运彩票下载网址r 鸿运彩票下载网址 country
    2. Register directly with our office: 2 Trethewey Drive – 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M6M 4A8 or call 416-394-6237 / 647-462-5159

    As an international student, you鸿运彩票下载网址 must bring you鸿运彩票下载网址r passport and proof of medical insurance when registering for any programs at the TDSB.

    International students who want to register for programs that are six months or longer need to:

    1. Have a valid passport and any notarized supporting documents to be submitted along with their signed and dated application form for assessment by the TDSB
    2. Contact us directly at international鸿运彩票下载网址@ to express interest in joining one of our TDSB programs.
    3. Complete the application form you鸿运彩票下载网址 receive from us by email.
    4. Meet the requirements of the program you鸿运彩票下载网址 wish to join in order for a conditional letter of acceptance to be issued by the TDSB to you鸿运彩票下载网址 or you鸿运彩票下载网址r agency.
    5. Make the tuition payment, payable to Toronto District School Board by: bank draft, money order, or wire transfer, after receiving the Conditional Letter of Acceptance.
    6. Once full payment is received, an Official Letter of Acceptance will be sent to you鸿运彩票下载网址 in you鸿运彩票下载网址r 鸿运彩票下载网址 country within 2-3 weeks.
    7. You can use the Official Letter of Acceptance to apply for a Study Permit at the Canadian consulate or embassy in you鸿运彩票下载网址r 鸿运彩票下载网址 country. (receiving the study permit may take between 2 weeks to 5 months depending on you鸿运彩票下载网址r location – so please apply as early as possible)  
    8. Once you鸿运彩票下载网址 receive you鸿运彩票下载网址r study permit, you鸿运彩票下载网址 can book you鸿运彩票下载网址r flight ticket.

    If you鸿运彩票下载网址r visa application is denied, all you鸿运彩票下载网址r tuition fees are returned less you鸿运彩票下载网址r ($200) registration fees.

    Cancellation and Refund Policy and Procedure

    A full tuition fee refund, less the administration fee ($200), will be granted if Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not issue the Study Permit or if the student decides to withdraw registration at least four weeks before the start date of the semester. There will also be an additional $500 cancellation fee deducted from the tuition refund of $14,000 or more, and a $250 cancellation fee deducted from the tuition fees under $14,000. To obtain a refund, you鸿运彩票下载网址 must provide:

    1. The original Letter of Rejection from Citizenship and Immigration Canada / In the case that a student decides to withdraw from the program with a minimum of four week notice, the letter of rejection is not necessary.
    2. The original TDSB Official Letter of Acceptance
    3. The original receipt of tuition payment
    4. A written refund request by the student including the name and address of the cheque recipient

    There will be no refund of the tuition fee in the following circumstances:

    • If the student chooses to withdraw for reasons other than the Study Permit has been denied by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the semester starts in a period of four weeks or less 
    • If the student does not request withdrawal from the program at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester 
    • If the student is found in violation of school regulations and asked to withdraw from the school
    • If false medical information was given and conditions were not disclosed

    In the event that you鸿运彩票下载网址r immigration status changes during the school year, you鸿运彩票下载网址 must contact the Continuing Education Department immediately.


    As an international student in Toronto, you鸿运彩票下载网址 have several options for you鸿运彩票下载网址r accommodation. Staying at a 鸿运彩票下载网址stay is a popular choice among many international students and it’s a great way to get a first-hand experience of Canadian culture. Apartment or room rentals are also options for learners who prefer to be more independent.


    Living with a 鸿运彩票下载网址stay family is an excellent way for international students to familiarize themselves with Canadian culture. Sharing a 鸿运彩票下载网址 with a Canadian family is a great way to learn about Canadian culture and customs. The 鸿运彩票下载网址stay experience is a valuable one and contributes greatly to raising you鸿运彩票下载网址r cultural awareness and global understanding. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and the TDSB invites you鸿运彩票下载网址 to celebrate and share that culture by staying with a 鸿运彩票下载网址stay family.

    Contact Us

    Continuing Education
    2 Trethewey Drive, 3rd Floor
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6M 4A8

    Email: international鸿运彩票下载网址@ 
    Phone: 416-394-6237 / 647-462-5159
    Fax: 416-394-3494


    Why choose the Toronto District School Board?

    Every year, we serve more than 20,000 ESL learners from more than 100 countries. The Toronto District School Board is dedicated to providing you鸿运彩票下载网址 with the education and services you鸿运彩票下载网址 need to reach you鸿运彩票下载网址r English proficiency goals. Our engaging programs, well-qualified instructors, and expertise in education are some of the reasons why many learners choose the TDSB.

    • Excellence in education
    • Learner-centered approach to teaching
    • Safe and learning-friendly environment
    • Flexibility in our programs, schedules and locations
    • Accountability in all our operations and procedures
    • Diversity in our students, teachers and staff

    Follow TDSB...
    Our Mission
    To enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and well-being
    and to acquire the knowledge, skills
    and values they need to become responsible, contributing members of
    a democratic and sustainable society.
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